I am stepping down from leadership in NA. I initially let the other leadership know so they could make decisions accordingly, but seems like most people know now. :^) This is for a few reasons, and I won't go into a lot of detail but I've been having a lot of health problems that's put a lot of strain on my ability to do things (I was in doctor appointments for ~12 hours last week) and its clear that I can't be the guild leader that the guild needs despite my best efforts.

While in other circumstances, this might mean simply stepping down to officer and promoting someone else on the leadership team, we simply don't have an active officership, and it seems fitting that we have a leadership refresh, as it has been this way for too long.

Updates will be coming soon - please log onto Discord for discussion.


Happy holidays NA!

Its that time again - making a lap around DR daily, farming for the latest fashion (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎), and maybe even seeing family irl. :o

We're making some adjustments to leadership and guild structure - as many of you have noticed, I am now a Leader. Nee has had some IRL stuff going on, and out of respect for her privacy, I won't give any details, but she won't be around for a while.

As I'm sure we've all noticed, the GW2 raiding scene has slowed down considerably as well, from the raiding community regularly posting new exploits (woo double meanings) to reddit on a daily basis and making gold hand over fist selling boss kills, to the much more consistent, mundane weekly clear groups that we have now. There's nothing wrong with that, and we've reduced the frequency of our raiding as well to help prevent burnout - there's a number of members who have been raiding more impromptu with friends, and that's fine as well.

However, with the next raid wing on the (still slightly distant) horizon, we're re-organizing teams a little bit, and we'd like to prevent the frenzied, angst-filled rush to complete it, so we'd like to ensure that all interested members have a place to play with internet gamer friends to progress. Please post on the Information & Sign Up Thread if you'd like to be on a formal team. Also, while I'm not encouraging people to get angsty about new raid wing clears (and new content clears in general), I do want to emphasize that we are still the same guild - we will continue to strive to be the best of the best, improve our personal and group gameplay, and prioritize minmaxing our characters

We're also going to be experimenting with having a Discord for keeping in touch out of game - there are already several discords for various teams floating around, but we'd like to have an all-guild server for keeping in touch, whether it be for fractals, needing a +1 for raids, playing another game, or shitposting. :^)

Discord link:

Feel free (as with TS) to give people temporary invites if you want to play with them as well - and just like ingame, we'll have a Social role for Friends of NA who would like to join us.