With the confirmed release date of the new expansion Path of Fire being tomorrow, our main focus for the expansion will be the same as we have now. That being raids, and all other forms of PvE even if that includes new dungeons. Also with that we're expecting a lot from our existing members and the new comers that will come with the expansion. The new raid wing has not been announced yet, and may not be for some time so until then we'd like to spend that time looking into potential new team comps, builds, and how the elite specs work.

In-case anyone missed it or doesn't know Xilicks and I are both Guild leader now, and we plan on getting the guild back on track to be a top PvE guild once again. Since Heart of Thorns the guild has been on a decline as more and more time went without major changes to the way things were ran. With the release of Path of Fire just around the corner we do want to start making some changes to make the guild more hardcore with the hopes of getting new members and accomplishing goals so that we as a guild are once again on the map.

For new comers to the website check the about us page and see if The Sickest Guild [NA] is right for you! If so click here and fill in the application form. 

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